In order to face the future months in the best and safest way, it will be our duty to comply with all national and provincial laws and regulations concerning hotels and catering.
We want to offer everyone a peaceful holiday in nature after months of restrictions and sacrifices.

Employee safety
All of our employees will undergo Covid-19 serological testing for antibodies before the start of the season. It will also be obligatory to measure the body-temperature before each shift.

Disinfectants and dispensers available for both employees and guests and each room.

Arrival & Rooms
For incoming guests a thermoscanner measures body temperature.
Sterilisation of each room before arrival. The rooms will be therefore available for incoming guests at the latest at 4 pm.
If desired, we guarantee that no one will enter your room during your stay in Bad Ratzes.

Breakfast / lunch / dinner
According to the rules that are currently in force, the 2-meter distance between tables will be respected, as well as the obligation to wear gloves and masks for waiters. We have 4 dining
rooms and some spare rooms, we also offer the possibility to have breakfast on the two terraces.
1. Two time-slots for breakfast and dinner with a fixed table for each family.
2. Possibility to have breakfast and dinner in your room.

Games and entertainment rooms
While waiting for the new laws with the specifications regarding our sector, it is our commitment to safely organize the large indoor and outdoor spaces dedicated to children's
activities: 3 playrooms, outdoor lawns, large playground, mainly outdoor activities. 1 assistant for 5 children, if necessary. Constant disinfection of the play area and amusement arcades. Fever will be measured for each incoming child.


1. Individually: each family can plan their own excursions with the packed lunch provided by the hotel (we will provide detailed options on a daily base, there is a large collection
of books and guides of the Alpe di Siusi and the surrounding areas available).
2. Organized excursions: families have the possibility to take part in the planned excursions, which are always outdoors, keeping a distance of one meter between people.

Swimming pools
Locker rooms and pool showers remain closed. We're thinking of keeping the indoor pool open with a maximum number of people. Those who do not want to dive into the pool, have at their disposal the new outdoor bio-pool (coming in autumn 2020) surrounded by a huge lawn. That makes it possible to guarantee 3 meters of distance between guests.

Finnish Saua
You can choose between a sauna inside the hotel or an outdoor bio-sauna (the outdoor bio-sauna coming on autumn 2020) surrounded by nature. The high temperature (the virus dies at 90°C ) allows everyone a healthy relaxation. As
in the swimming pools, sanitization is ensured. Detergents and disinfectant sprays will be provided. Our new suite Hauenstein and Kepf have both a private sauna.

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