The adventure playground of Bad Ratzes

A special playground is all yours to discover: kids of all ages, house guests, hikers and locals.

Material and form

For the playground equipment the untreated wood of the robinia (false acacia) was used, which is frequently found throughout South Tyrol. It is very hard and heavy, but at the same time of high tenacity and elasticity.

Moving terrain

The height differences of the terrain were used to enable the installation of a huge Y-shaped double slide. Both slides are over 15 metres long and overcome a height difference of almost 8 metres. Another highlight is the cable car that spans the playground.

Play & discover

There is much to discover: The little lake house with ramp, the stilt course, the climbing rocks. On the playground of the family hotel Bad Ratzes you can spontaneously switch activities and do whatever you like. You will find a balancing path made of wooden palisades from the climbing frame to the sandpit with the two massive sand excavators made of stainless steel and on to the wave carousel. Or the children walk along the path to the slides, past the witch’s chair and a large basalt column that rises up like Obelix’s menhir. There is also a bowling alley behind the house, a mini playground with a small slide and sand play box. Or head to the large meadow behind the house with the volleyball net.

Climb all the way up

It takes courage, skill and good balance to climb the 3-metre high climbing frame with its various climbing nets up to all its corners. Such qualities are of great importance for the growth of a child.

Green companions – plants at the playground

Robust and resistant species were planted in the playground. Low growing willows, the rock pear and various dogwoods. The latter develop a striking characteristic in winter: they have bright red or yellow youg shoots. Other ornamental bushes provide beautiful splashes of colour during the spring. The trees, such as the field maple, golden ash and red maple, on the other hand, show a splendid play of colours in autumn.

Play & relax

A large number of different sitting and lying possibilities invite you to relax and allow new perspectives. On wooden benches and reclining nets, you can enjoy a well-deserved break. A special feature is the witch’s chair, which reminds you of the famous rock formation on the Alpe di Siusi. Ours however is made of robinia wood.