Offer for families

A summer’s day at Bad Ratzes …

Hiking in the morning, relax in the afternoon: this is how a summer holiday in Bad Ratzes could look like ...

In the morning we go for an easy hike or exploratory e–bike tour :

  • Trip to the Laghetto di Fiè with boat trip
  • Hike to the Malga Marinzen with wonderful view and petting zoo
  • Hike to the Sanon Hut and back with the horse-drawn sleigh
  • Hike along the Sentiero delle Streghe (witches’ path) up to the Alpe di Siusi to reach the sulphur spring

And for those who want it more alpine: our mountain guide will take you on more demanding hikes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All hikers aged 14 and over can join the hikes free of charge.

  • Alpe di Siusi – Buco dell’orso –Valletta Ciamin– S. Cipriano/Tires
  • Tires – Haniger Schwaige – Purgametsch
  • Passo Sella  – Friedrich-August-Weg – Schneidn – Saltria

The afternoons at Bad Ratzes are just as much fun:

  • Swim in the pool
  • Discover nature with Anna (Wednesday afternoon)
  • Explore the pond with the magnifyer box
  • Wood laboratory
  • Play a football or volleyball match on the lawn behind our house

And in the evening? End your day with...

  • ... a campfire with marshmallows or bread on a stick
  • ...  a lantern walk under the starry sky
  • ...  a game of table tennis, table football & billiards
  • ...  a round of the chocolate game
  • ...  an adventurous hike with a bat detector

Discover and experience nature

Have you ever observed ants at work? Or have you been on night hunt? Try it. Because even when it gets dark outside there is a lot to discover in the surrounding areas of Bad Ratzes. Some flowers have a stronger scent in the evening. And some animals are easy to observe at night, like bats.

Breathe, feel and live unspoilt nature – at the Kneipp parcours, at the dam by the brook, baking bread over the campfire, wildlife stalking in the forest etc.

A winter’s day at Bad Ratzes …

The little ones who don’t want to go skiing, hiking or tobogganing in the morning, can stay with Sonia in the nursery. Around 10 o’clock, as soon as it gets warmer, we head outside to play. A short walk to the pond, fun on the playground, building a snowman behind the house and much more awaits kids & families ... 

Back from skiing?

After a wonderful day on the Alpe di Siusi all the kids are invited to participate in exciting activities until 10 p.m. Step one, enjoy a delicious Marende (snack), step two, a jump in the swimming pool, and then off to the youth club.

  • Bake cookies or pizza in the large hotel kitchen
  • Build an insect hotel with Anna (Wednesday afternoon)
  • Bread on a stick by the campfire
  • Evening lantern walk
  • Chocolate Game
  • Treasure hunt in Bad Ratzes
  • Jewellery smithy: Making friendship bracelets
  • Table tennis, table football & billiards
  • ... and many more