Relaxed parents – happy kids

Glorious family holiday at Bad Ratzes in South Tyrol


Your children will find a small paradise, largely because of the wonderful surrounding of Bad Ratzes: the forest air and the calm, the meadow – the forest – the stream, cater for memorable experience.

All children from 3 years onwards are invited to participate in supervised activities and games indoors and outdoors from Sunday to Friday from 8am to 9.30pm. (included in the pension price). We will be glad to send you the weekly program.

Chilly, snowy days are calling your children outdoors. Winter fun activities such as a bonfire under the stars and a lantern walk through the mysterious winter forest.

In the evening indoor activities: window painting, crafts, art made of salt dough, face painting, baking cookies, music and dance, jewelry workshop, tower building of Babel, climbing -, ping pong- and table football competition, chocolate battle… bedtime stories of the Dolomites.


NEW! we bring your children from the ski courses back in the hotel (for organisational reasons please book this service in advance from home):

On Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays we will pick up wour children from the ski school and bring them back to the hotel (21.12.-6.1. + 3.-9.3. excepted). Costing € 6.00/child/day.


The Marmots Den (90m²) is the meeting point for all children at Bad Ratzes. It is a room with plenty of toys, a hammock, cosy corner, children books and corner to create things and play inside. 

The bright rainbow room has been set up for our smallest guests from 0 to 3 years. This cosy area offers lots of space to crawl and play. This space has been created so parents can spend some time together with their small children or to simply relax and chat with other parents.



Climbing workshop

Adventuring in the Dolomites- Climbing workshop with mountain guide Helmut

Together we`re exploring the Dolomites. Climbing for adventurous kids from 6 years


Day 1: Slack-lining, Zip-Line and other tricky games and challenges to get to know each other better.


Day 2: Rock climbing on the Hauenstein rocks, which are 20 minutes away from the Hotel. Helmut will show us how to climb and belay so that we can successfully and safely climb to the top.


Day 3: Via Ferrata in the Dolomites. The “Cir” via ferrata is perfect for young adventurers. After a medium-difficult climb we will arrive on a beautiful peak withspectacular views.


Dates: 2-6 June and 8-12 June




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