The Playground at the Family Hotel Bad Ratzes

On a forest glade, set in a fairytale spruce forest near the Family Hotel Bad Ratzes, a unique playground has been created – for both small and big children, hotel guests, hikers and locals.

Holidays in South Tyrol
Holidays in South Tyrol
Holidays in South Tyrol
Holidays in South Tyrol
Holidays in South Tyrol
Holidays in South Tyrol

Material and Form

The untreated wood from the black Locust tree was used for the playground facilities, a very common tree in South Tyrol. It is hard and heavy, and tough elastic at the same time.

An Uneven Landscape

The different height levels of the site were used to install a huge Y-shaped double slide. Both slides are more than 15 metres long and overcome a height difference of almost 8 metres. Another highlight is the ropeway that spans the playground.

Interconnected Play

There is much to discover – the little house on stilts with a ramp, the stilts course, the climbing stones. And the playground at the Family Hotel Bad Ratzes makes it easy to switch between the playground facilities spontaneously. You will have to balance on the wooden columns between the climbing frames and the sandpit with the two massive stainless steel sand diggers and further on to the wave carrousel. Children can also run on the trail to the slides, past the witch’s cauldron and a tall basalt column that resembles the menhir of Obelix.

For the climbing enthusiasts

To crest the climbing frames 3 metres high to the top corners you will need determination, skill and a sound sense of balance. Such characteristics are of great significance for the child’s development.

Green Companions – the Plants at the Playground

Sturdy and tough species of plants have been planted on the playground, including low-growing willows, shad-blossom, juneberry and different kinds of dogwood. The latter shows remarkable characteristics in winter – it forms bright red and yellow shoots. Other ornamental shrubs show beautiful spots of colour in spring. Trees such as field maple, ash and red maple present their magnificent colouring in autumn instead.

Play and Relax

A large number of different seating and laying opportunities invite you to relax and allow for new perspectives. Enjoy a deserved rest on wooden benches and on comfortable nets. A distinctive feature is the ‘Hexensessel’ (witches’ armchair) that is reminiscent of the famous rock formation on the Siusi Alp, though this one consists of black locust wood.

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