Active Summer programme 2019

Guided hiking and Alpine trekking tours with our mountain guide Roman

Twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. 15.00 € per person

Planned tours:

  • Alpe di Siusi – Buco d’Orso – Ciamin valley – S. Cipriano/Tires
  • Alpe di Tires – Molignon pass – Bergamo hut – S. Cipriano/Tires
  • Catinaccio of Antermoia round
  • Sciliar – "Prügelweg" path – Lake of Fié
  • Sunrise on the way to Mount Sciliar
  • Molignon hut – Cresta di Siusi – Sasso Piatto hut – Saltria
  • Alpe di Siusi – Radöll pass – Rosa Alpina hut – Hans and Paula Steger path
  • Alpe di Siusi – Saltner hut, Tschapit – geologist path
  • Alpe di Siusi - Saltner hut, Tschapit - Schlernbödele hut - Bad Ratzes
  • Alpe di Siusi - Sattler hut - Saltner hut, Tschapit
  • Saltria, Seiser Alm - Murmeltier hut - Vicenza hut
  • Pinei pass – Bulla – Alpe di Siusi
  • Pinei pass – Schafstall hut – Alpe Marinzen
  • Alpe Marinzen – “Schnürlsteig” path – Bullaccia
  • Alpe di Siusi – Alpe Marinzen – Siusi
  • Tour to Vicenza hut in the Sassolungo mountain
  • Sella pass – Friedrich August path – Saltria
  • Tour to Monte Rasciesa
  • Piza pass – Stevia – S. Silvestro pass
  • Tour from Gardena pass to the Puez hut and the Vallunga
  • The path of the Aica di Fiè farmsteads
  • S. Cipriano/Tires – Vallone dell’Orsara - Seggiola hut - Pond of Fiè
  • From S. Cipriano/Tires to Monte Cavone
  • S. Cipriano/Tires – Haniger hut – Pracaminaccio
  • S. Cipriano/Tiers - Völsegg - Presule castle
  • The Masarè path at the Catinaccio mountain
  • Catinaccio round
  • Costalunga pass – Vajolon pass – Roda di Vael hut
  • From Costalunga pass to the Latemar labyrinth
  • From Costalunga pass to the small Latemar pass


Sunrise on the way to the Mount Sciliar

Our first steps in the dark are still very cautious, but we soon get used to the terrain. We start walking more quickly and steadily, while we enjoy the silence of the night, far from the noise and nuisances of civilisation. We concentrate on our surroundings and lend our ears to the imperceptible sounds of nature. As it gets brighter, we perceive more details in our environment. Eventually, when the day breaks our eyes are attracted by the brightest spot on the horizon. The sun is rising and a new day has begun...

Admittedly, it is quite hard to leave the cosy and warm bed at such an early hour. At the latest as soon as the first sunbeams peep out behind the eastern mountaintops, you will surely forget the last bit of tiredness and every exertion. The light that lights up the mountain world just before the sunrise is something noteworthy: the darkness gradually abates and the sky on the horizon turns pink, yellow, red or bright orange, till finally the sun itself appears behind the mountain silhouette.

From the Alpe di Siusi (1830 m) we hike on the tourist path to Mount Sciliar (2450 m) from where we enjoy a great view over the Alpe di Siusi towards the sun rising behind the mountain tops. Afterwards we have a hearty breakfast at the Schlernhaus refuge. Once we have taken a rest and replenished our energy reservoir, we return to Siusi via the Thomas valley and the so called "Prügelweg" (club path), past the Sessel mountain hut and the Fiè pond.

Altitude difference uphill: 650 m
Altitude difference downhill: 1500 m
Travelling time: 6 hours
Fee: about 30.00 € (for taxi and breakfast at the Schlernhaus Refuge)
Minimum attendance: 3 person


Climbing trial course with via ferrata

every Wednesday
Price per person: 110.00 €
Minimum number of participants: 2 (max. 4 people)


Hike from the Grödner Joch over the Puez to the Langental valley

One of the most beautiful hikes in Val Gardena
We drive with the car into the Val Gardena valley to Selva Gardena. The hike leads us along the Dolomite high trail over the Cir Joch, the Crespeina Joch and the Ciampac Joch to the Puezhütte. There we will fortify ourselves with Tyrolean bacon dumplings or a Kaiserschmarren and then climb over the Panoramaweg (Dolomites high trail) into the Langental valley.
350 hm           
1000 hm         
Total walking time:
approx. 5.30 - 6 pcs.

To the rock labyrinth at Latemar in the Rosengarten area

We take the car to the Karer Pass. There we start our hike first through the Latemar forest and on to the beautiful Latemar meadows. Via the small Latemarscharte we reach the legendary path of the rock labyrinth under the Latemar at the Karersee. We hike on to the Mitterleger, where we have a rest. From there we return.
Ascent: 300 hm
Descent: 350 hm    
Walking time: approx. 4 hours

Highlights: Great views of the Latemar Towers, wonderful view of the Rosengarten and Schlern.
Fascinating legendary rock formations and legends around Latemar and Karersee accompany us on our way.

Hiking around the Sassolungo Group

We take the cable car to the Seiser Alm and the bus to Saltria. From there the hike leads us over the Confinböden to the Comici hut (2153 m). After a short rest, we continue through the maze of blocks of the "Stone City" to the Sella Pass, from where we take a rustic basket lift to the Langkofel-Scharte (2680 m). Through the Langkofelscharte we then descend to the Langkofel hut (Rifugio Vicenza 2253 m), where we enjoy a wonderful view. After we have strengthened ourselves, we return to Saltria cross-country, partly in the open countryside, partly along an old unknown forest path.
Ascent: approx. 500 hm
Descent: approx. 900 hm
Walking time: approx. 6 hours

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