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Give the gift of happiness

Give your loved ones a voucher for a stay at Bad Ratzes.


Under the open sky

Lost track of time. Feel the nature.


In winter wonderland

The sky opens opens up and thick cotton candy snowflakes dance through the air and fall to the ground. Silently and quietly everything gets covered in white ...


For those who love peace and quiet

Listen to your body and open your heart to the world.
Find your inner self, in the quiet atmosphere of ancient spruce forests. Namasté.

Yoga is about movement, breathing and inner peace. Each lesson begins with a theme on which to reflect. You will learn to control your breathing and thereby govern your energy flows. Movement and meditation, on the other hand, will help you rebalance the relationship between body and mind.

Yoga in the forest

On the traces of nature

Four cardinal points. Countless possibilities.

Forest hiking

The power of water

Discover sulphur springs and other water points and observe the tadpoles hatching. Afterwards: have a picnic by the lake.


Rock acrobats

A feeling of happiness in your head, a thirst for freedom: the sky above, the valley below and you yourself in the middle of the unique Dolomite rock.


By the fireplace

Let’s sit around the crackling campfire. Shadows, legends and stories –
magic is in the air.


Up in the sky

Your feet on the grass, a fine breeze tickles the tip of the nose. The sky so close, everything else so small. In spirit, on a rope and in the air – free as a bird.


Flower meadows and every bee’s paradise

By the wayside, It grows and it sprouts. What’s it called?
Discover, smell, touch.


Animal whisperers

Forest and meadow, colourful habitat: which track belongs to which animal? A rustling in the thicket. Is it a squirrel? A deer? A woodpecker? Look closely! Do you think they’ll show up?

Roe deer